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Attention: Programming is one of my hobbies, giving support isn't. I won't give any support to the published software. Please don't ask me how to run or to install the emulators.

PC Programs
PC Utilities Emu28 Emulator for the HP28C
HP82240B Printer Simulator Emu42 Emulator for the HP10/14/17/19/20/21/22/27/28/32/42
Emu48 25 Years Anniversary page Emu48 Emulator for the HP38/39/40/48/49
Virtual HP-IL Emu71 Emulator for the HP71B
V41 Emulator for the HP41

HP48 Software Archive Emu48 FAQ
Emu48+ Beta Source code Nonpareil - High-Fidelity Calculator Simulator
Pictures at an exhibition of essentials Free42 - A HP-42S Calculator Simulator
Christoph's Allschwil Meeting Documents Jeff's Calc Page
Régis Cosnier's Emu28/42/48 for Android pyILPER (Virtual HP-IL Devices)

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