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STRUCTHP STRUCTHP is a tool to reformat UserRPL programs from the HP28/48. Input formats are HP48 ASCII files, catched IR-Data (HP28/48), Program Development Link Application files and some more. Attention: Program documentation is written in German.

TRANS48 TRANS48 was designed to convert HP48 file formats into another and to handle with Program Development Link Application files from the command line. Attention: Program documentation is written in German.

ENCODE48 V0.06 ENCODE48 is a program to convert UserRPL binary downloads into ASCII file format. Remember: This software is a beta release.

PDLKERM This is a driver for the Program Development Link package to speed up the ASCII file transfer to the HP by removing remarks and other format characters.

FILETOOL This is a collection of universal file converting tools to handle DMP, MEM, ROM and EMU files.

MKNIBHEX This program creates a NIBHEX string from an ARM binary file which can be included into a normal RPLCOMP file.

DISARM V0.13 This program is a very simple disassembler for the "ARM Instruction Set" code inside an ARM binary file.

UNRPL V0.04 This program is a viewer for System RPL objects inside binaries. These binaries maybe calculator programs or ROM image files. It's working together with every calculator model using RPL from which you have a reference list with object prologue's. Further information inside.

alifhdr32 V1.2 This is a modified version of Jean-François Garnier's original "aLIFhdr" tool. It's now a Win32 console application with an additional option /T for converting a text file with <CR><LF> line delimiters into the LIF file type 1 (TEXT) format.

Lifls V0.07 This is a small command line tool showing the directory content of LIF image files.


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