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HP41C/CV/CX Emulator

V41 emulating a HP41CX V41 is an emulator for the Coconut, Silverbird and Honeynut calculators HP41C, HP41CV and HP41CX. This emulator was created by Warren Furlow and others available at www.hp41.org and is published under the GPL. The emulator is running on all Win32 platforms. You may have a look into the manual. Since Release 9 the program is supporting Virtual HP-IL, a method for connecting HP-IL devices like printers or disk drives to your emulated calculator. These devices maybe simulated or, connected over a special hardware interface, real devices in a physical loop. With a simulated HP-IL disk drive it's possible to use the disk images of the Online LIF Disk Project.

V41R9L New Installer package of V41 Release 9L (IA32 platform). This package don't contain the source code. *

V41R9L-Source New The source code package of V41 Release 9L (optional).

V41Tools The programs MODFile, MODFileWin and MODGen from the MODFile directory as executables (optional).

ModEditv102Setup Installer package of ModEdit v1.02 (IA32 platform). ModEdit is a MOD File Editor to create and modfiy MOD1 and MOD2 module files used in different HP calculator emulators like V41. Source code included.

* VS2005 Runtime The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) for the above programs. (Only required if not installed before.)

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