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HP82240B Printer Simulator

main window of the HP82240B printer simulator

HP82240B is a simulator for the Hewlett Packard HP-82240A and HP-82240B Infrared Printer. Because this is a simulator, no ROM images are necessary. The simulator is designed to work together with the Infrared Printer interface of the PC versions of the Hewlett Packard calculator emulators Emu28, Emu42 and Emu48. In difference to the emulators you need Windows 2000 or later as operating system. Windows NT and Win9x/Me isn't supported any more.

A special HP82143A mode allows to operate as Helios printer in special environments like in connection with the V41 emulator. Because the simulation has no return channel for the printer status register, the transmitter with the NUT CPU interface and the printer ROM must hold a copy of the printer status internally for proper operation.

I set the main focus of the printer simulator to grab text. So the main window only show the text part of the grabbed data with a chosen Windows font. To show most of the printer specific characters in text mode, the program translate the printer character to it's UNICODE representative. So for best text mode view the chosen Windows font should include most of the printer specific characters. On a second optional window, the printer data is shown as graphic using the original printer font of the selected printer.

The simulator accepts fully decoded data transmitted over UDP, RS-232C or USB. UDP is the native interface of the Emu series emulators. The serial port can be used for capturing the serial printing output of a HP48 series calculator or of a Redeye-Serial converter. Over USB you can connect the latest version of the HP48GII, the HP49G+ and the HP50G.

HP82240Bv115Setup New Installer package of the HP82240B v1.15 printer simulation for Windows 2000 and later (IA32 platform). Source code included.

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