Virtual HP-IL example

This example shows the usage of a real HP-IL device (HP-41 equipped with HP-IL module) linked via a PIL-Box with virtual HP-IL devices connected by TCP/IP. The screen shots show first ILPer with enabled scope, then second an ILPer instance with disabled scope and third ILScope. ILScope is a separate IL protocol debugger (a sniffer) which can be placed anywhere in the loop. It is mainly ILPer without the simulation of peripherals.

But the heart of the new system is the program ILPilbox, the bridge between J-F Garnier Pil-Box hardware and the virtual HP interface loop.

I also tested the setup in a LAN where one instance of ILPer was running on a different computer. To do this, you will have to permit the communication in your firewall. For security reasons I personally restricted the access to computers in the same subnet.

Setup the loop

IL Setup

The working loop

IL Working

(c) Christoph Gießelink, December 2015