Display designs for Sacajawea calculators

This is a short overview of available predefined display designs for the Mid Range Pioneer calculator series. This series consists of four calculator models the HP-14B, the HP-22S, the HP-32S and the HP-32SII, produced with two different LCD layouts. The display driver inside the Sacajawea chip can control 60 annunciators, but the HP-14B, HP-22S and HP-32S use the same display layout controlled by the same display driver lines. So we only need a second definition file for the HP-32SII calculator. The predefined display designs can simply be included into your own KML scripts.

KML Script Description
LCD32N23.KMI Small display design for HP-32SII
LCD32O23.KMI Small display design for HP-14B, 22S and 32S
LCD32N34.KMI Medium display design for HP-32SII
LCD32O34.KMI Medium display design for HP-14B, 22S and 32S
LCD32N46.KMI Large display design for HP-32SII
LCD32O46.KMI Large display design for HP-14B, 22S and 32S

Available designs
Display designs

(c) Christoph Gießelink, October 2009