Virtual HP-IL example

This example shows the usage of a real HP-IL device (HP-41) connected with a PIL-Box in combination with virtual HP-IL devices linked together over TCP/IP. The screen shots showing a special version of ILPer containing a TCP/IP client and server simulating the loop. It base on my C++ ILPer Clone v1.35.3. ILScope is a separate IL protocol debugger which can be included anywhere in the loop. It mainly base on J-F Garnier IL scope inside ILPer combined with the new TCP/IP client/server. But the heart of the new system is the program ILPilbox, a bridge between J-F Garnier Pil-Box hardware and the virtual HP interface loop.

I also tested the system in a LAN where one instance of ILPer was on a different computer. To do this, you normally have to drill a hole into your firewall. For security reasons I personally restricted the access to computers in the subnet.

Setup the loop

IL Setup

The working loop

IL Working

(c) Christoph Gießelink, October 2010